Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letter S week- Lesson Plan

I think I might have gone a bit over board with our S week.  There were just soo many great activities that just had to include as many as I thought we could handle!  The main thing to think about when teaching the letter /s/ sound is that blends with the letter s are great since they still say the /s/ sound.  (Blends are letters that when put together still say both sounds but they are just blended together) For example- the /sn/ in "snail" or /sl/ in "slime".... you still hear both sounds when you say the word.  However, the /sh/ is a phoneme because when put together, they make a completely new sound.   So try and stay away from shark or shells because they don't really say the /s/ sound that we are trying to introduce.

Here is our Ss week Lesson Plan  

How to decode our weekly plan- 

(2)- Things I have planned for my two year old
(4)- Things I have planned for my four year old

Yellow- Things to print out (some black and white that students will either cut or color, and some color printed items that I have laminated and ready to use year after year)

Green- Activities that will need some prep time or prep materials.  

My pinterest Ss board

Our Weekly Plan- Letter Ss


Letter of the  week

Make the Letter Ss in sand
Story time



Color time


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