Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Letter P week- Lesson Plan

One of my nesting goals is to not only update this blog, but get the entire year planned out for next school year.  My 4 year old will be in preschool 3 days a week and I will have my 2 year old and newborn to focus on those days.  I am still planning on doing "preschool" with the 4 year old in the afternoons when he is home so my plans will usually have a (2) for 2 year old activity and (4) for 4 year old activities.  These plans that I have are just that... plans.  We don't always get to the things that I planned and we don't always stick to doing things on the days that I have them scheduled for. If I don't have a plan, we end up spending the entire day sitting around or running errands just to have something to do.  I'd rather be proactive and if we don't get to something... oh well.  Over the next week or so, I will be posting my lesson plans for the next year.  I have tried to somewhat color code things so that it is easier when coming back to it several months later.

Yellow- Things to print out (some black and white that students will either cut or color, and some color printed items that I have laminated and ready to use year after year)

Green- Activities that will need some prep time or prep materials.  I have tried to include pictures of those crafts on the bottom of the lesson plan since I am a visual person and would rather see a picture of a pig plate painted pink with an egg carton nose than the words "pig craft".  It's just easier for me that way...

I have also been spending a ridiculous amount of time on pinterest and I have boards for most letters of the alphabet.  I will provide a link to that at the bottom of each lesson.  Most of the activities on my lessons are pinned on pinterest and I also have other activities and crafts I think are cute, but couldn't find the time to fit them into our week.

As always, PLEASE feel free to comment below with other links or activities!!

Here is our P week- Click for the editable word doc


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