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Letter A week- Apples, Ants, Alligators, and Astronauts (Day 2)

Day 2

Today we continued to talk about apples because lets just be honest, there are SO many fun and cute apple crafts out there that it is way to hard to narrow them down!


Make apple muffins

This was a little more challenging that I thought it would be.  I cut the toilet paper roll and then had them paint it 

We then used a stapler to add the green painted leaf....

We used a Trader Joes paper bag and I drew an apple shape and cut them out.  The kiddos painted them.  As you can tell, my 2 year old was in a great mood and loved painting today! 

We used a hole puncher and yarn to lace up most of the apple then stuffed it with tissue paper.  This activity did need my assistance quiet a bit lining up the hole and keeping the apple together.

(Learning Development activities) 

For my 2 year old, I only used the numbers 1, 2, and 3
The 4 year old had the numbers 1-10 on this apple baskets. 

I had to get a little creative here since we didn't have brown paper in the house... we just used brown marker and colored white paper!  It actually made it more "bark like" if that is even a word!  Yay for not planning ahead! 

This activity was great at teaching the kids that glue sticks dry quickly and we should only use a little glue at a time. 

4 year old's final product

2 year old's final product 

Short vowel (cvc words) apple reading! 
(Toddler Approved) 

I LOVED this activity!  It did however take some planning prep time.  I laminated the apple so I could use a dry erase marker for the vowel and the kiddos colored the sticks for me.  For those that aren't familiar with the term (cvc), it stands for Consonant, Vowel, Consonant.  These are the first type of words little ones should start with when learning how to read.

other A activities for this week...

Letter A week- Apples, Ants, Alligators, and Astronauts! (Overview)

I planned WAY too much for this week and didn't get to all of the activities that I had planned on my lesson plan.  Here are the ones that we got to through!  

(Green are activities that need materials and yellow are printable activities.   Each activity activity is linked back it it's original source)

(ant, apple cont.)
(astronaut, alligator)

Alligator books

 Astronaut Lower case a craft
Color word  (pg 8-9)
 Read on the moon (book)

Make apple muffins

Click below for descriptions, pictures, and links of our activities this week! 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Letter A Week- Apples, Ants, Astronauts, and Alligators! (Day 1 activities)

Letter of the Week (Aa) 

Day 1

We started our week learning about A is for APPLE!  Here is a link to some really great Apple books from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.  We found most of these at our local library. 

This was a great activity that required very little prep time that both my 2 and 4 year old could do!  I grabbed two paper plates, wrote a lowercase letter a on them, and then had both kids color in their apple.  The four year old had to cut out his on apple and leaf for some extra scissor practice. 

This was such a cute craft!  I drew circles ahead of time for the apples and had both kids color them and my 4 year old cut them out.  

Then we glued them down and I added glue for the Popsicle sticks

Cut a little grass...

and there you go... super cute basket of apples!

Apple color words
(All our days)

Color word recognition (pg 9) .  I used the black and white version for my 4 year old (pg 8) so he could try and read the color words himself.  

Apple spinner graphing game 
(A teaching Mommy)

Apple scented play dough recipe

Letter A week - Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letter A Week - Lesson plan

We were sticking with the short /a/ sounds this week.  That is the beginning sound in the word "apple".  We stayed away from the long /a/ sound like in "acorn".   It is way to confusing to introduce all those sounds at once to little ones.

How to decode our weekly plan- 

(2)- Things I have planned for my two year old
(4)- Things I have planned for my four year old

Yellow- Things to print out (some black and white that students will either cut or color, and some color printed items that I have laminated and ready to use year after year)

Green- Activities that will need some prep time or prep materials.  

Our Weekly Plan- Letter Aa (apple, ant, astronaut, alligator)

(ant, apple cont.)
(astronaut, alligator)

Alligator books

 Astronaut Lower case a craft
Color word  (pg 8-9)
 Read on the moon (book)

Make apple muffins

P is for Pumpkin

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  Here is a short three day week P is for Pumpkin Lesson Plan guide.  There is something for everyone so just pick the activities that work for you and your little one(s).  

(Green are activities that need materials and yellow are printable activities.   Each activity activity is linked back it it's original source)

Our Weekly Plan- Letter Pp



Letter of the  week

Pumpkin handprint
Spin and graph (spinnergraph)
Color time


Day 1- 

This required a little creativity since, for the life of me... I couldn't find little pumpkins anywhere! SO... we used orange muffin cups.  Also, I forgot to get kernels so I just opened up a microwave popcorn bag and washed the kernels in soap in a colander.  
Oh my word, the butter that was coating those things was unreal!!  

I really liked this activity because both my 2 year old and 4 year old liked it, it occupied their time for a good 20 minutes, and more fine motor practice! 

Great for recognizing differences and working on making circles or x's.  

My oldest loves to see an example when making a craft.  
We painted the outsides of the plate, let them dry, cut out the center, went outside and grabbed a couple of leaves, took a pipe cleaner and rolled it around a pencil to make the vine, and used a toilet paper roll for the stem!  Very cute and simple craft that we already all the materials right at home to use.  

Pumpkin size sort for the 2 year old and Spin and Graph for the 4 year old 

My oldest HATES to color!  So I was so proud of him when he actually finished his entire page! 


For the 2 year old, I knew she wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the lower case and capital p

This smelled amazing!

 Day 2- 

GREAT fine motor practice!  I couldn't find orange beads so the kids picked black.  
LOVED this activity!

Pumpkin handprints

Wow... this made me realized that we need to work more on writing numbers!  This was for the 4 year old by the way.  You could maybe do the adding with a younger child if you have them count the pumpkins one by one.  

I printed this off in black and white for the 4 year old so he could practice his reading skills and printed it in color for the 2 year old so she could practice her colors.  The red pumpkin kind of took over! 

Day 3- 

Love this little book!  We never actually made the book, just tried to draw on the faces.

Here is the surprise face!

Here is her excited face!

Loved this!  Kind of felt like we were doing a little science experiment!  

what does the pumpkin sound like?
smell like? 
taste like?
look like? 

So this activity looks super cute but it was very parent involved.  The 4 year old did a little bit of the cutting of the paper slits, and maybe rolled one or two of the circles but couldn't staple by himself.  I basically did all of the activity for the 2 year old except for the gluing.  But it sure is cute! 

(2 year old)

(4 year old)

Sink or float?
Never actually got around to doing this one.
I was planning on filling up the bathtub and throwing a pumpkin in.
Maybe next year!

Other Pumpkin activities- 

Visit a pumpkin patch

Paint a pumpkin!

Visit my P Pinterest Board for other great Pumpkin activities!

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