Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toddler Time- Color sorting

One of my goals this month was to introduce colors to my daughter (21 months).  I started pointing out colors to her in everyday activities... red elmo, elmo is red! ect.. I thought that she was starting to pick up on green so that was one of the colors I choose to work with first.  With toddlers, I would only use two colors when beginning a color sorting activity.  Once they have mastered those two colors, add another and so on. Here is my sweet pea sorting green and purple.  (Note- make sure you use colors that are opposite of each other, blue and green are too similar as well as yellow and orange.)

I started with colored cups and pompoms in the middle.  (If you don't have colored cups, use bowls or just cut a piece of construction paper to put on the front of a clear cup)

Let the sorting begin!

So proud of herself!  

I added a few more colors for the big man so he could join in on the fun as well!

Here is another activity that you can do for sorting categories  
(Sorting Cars and Trains) I'm working on getting the link to this printable back up.  


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