Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter G

So this week I decided to get my toddler in on some of the alphabet action. Even though her attention span is like 11 seconds, she did wonderful and had a great time doing some of the "G" activities with us.  (I spend most of the week talking about farm animals with her which will be in a separate post)  Apparently, this was another Confessions of a Homeschooler week because almost every activity came from her site.  

Here was our topic board for the week to help me stay on track 

Letter G- Color with green crayons, markers, chalk, glue... whatever you have in your house that is green.  

Playing some guitar with daddy before bed

Gumball sorting counting- I loved this activity because I first had him sort all the gumballs by color, then match the color of the gumball with the gumball machine, then count the gumballs to make sure he had the correct number in each gumball machine.  (Note- this activity to FOREVER to cut out and laminate but it did keep him busy for at list 15 minutes and we did it several times that week.  Just fyi)


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