Monday, November 7, 2011

Hard Hats anyone??

During our "H" week, I couldn't resist bringing out some hammers!  (Of course the morning of, I couldn't find the kids plastic toy hammers anywhere so we went with the real thing here people!)  

Using some of dad's golf tees, Big Bro hammered the letter H into a large piece of stifoam that I had saved in the garage.  (Make sure your piece is thick enough so the golf tees don't stick out the bottom when you are done hammering. If it isn't, do this activity outside on the grass) 

Sweet pea did the same thing with her piece using a toy drill.  

After we started this, Big Bro said, "Mom, I need my Home Depot apron and hard hat too!"  

This activity is a wonderful fine motor activity that kept my two busy several times during our "H" week!


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