Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter E

Have you noticed that I LOVE Confessions of a Homeschooler??  Mostly because the printables are free and are great for laminating and using in the future.  So here is was our E week.... 

Tracing practice- I love these activities for my little guy.  Writing his letters are still a bit overwhelming for him so this is great beginning tracing practice!

Elmo Roll- This little Elmo went everywhere with my son this week.  He isn't really a big Elmo fan either.

E is for egg shell!- Although it is kind of hard to see in the picture, my son glued egg shells to his letter E's!  (We had the boiled eggs as a snack... yum)

Elephant Cutting practice- Cutting is GREAT fine motor practice and a really important skill that kids sometimes lack when entering kindergarten... even though my son usually only gets about an inch into the page :)

Make an elephant! I loved this activity!!  First we started with color mixing.  What kid doesn't like mixing paint??!  (Brown, white, and Blue should do the trick).  I usually have all the materials cut and ready but if your preschooler is more skilled with scissors, draw out an outline on the paper and have them cut everything out

(tip for this craft, tape the ears to the table or you will have paint everywhere!)

painting the ears and trunk... 

painting the plate... 

Glue the eyes and trunk and presto!  

Hand print elephant- While we had the gray paint ready, when went right into our next art activity.  I cut the elephant ears ahead of time. 

I think these are supposed to be trees above the elephants.  So cute! 


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