Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Activity- Paint with water and chalk

Materials needed: 

Black construction paper, Chalk, water in a jar lid or small cup or bowl, sponge or paint brushes 


1. Have child "paint" the black paper with water (mine thought that pouring the water on the paper was the way to go)

2. After the paper is wet, have the child draw with the colored chalk.  This makes wonderful and bright colored markings!  

Note- Don't stress to much about this activity if the child is more interested in the painting than the drawing portion.  My son was more into dropping the chalk into the cup of water and my daughter just wanted to soak herself with the water.  Remember- they are still learning and exploring even if they don't do it exactly as you'd planned :)  Also, I choose to do this outside so I wouldn't go nutso when someone spilled water or started coloring the walls but you could also do this as an indoor activity on a cookie sheet with less water.


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