Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where have we been??

So since my last post... like a year ago!!... we have moved our family to an apartment while we are waiting for our house to be built.  Also, my blogger account has maxed out the amount of pictures I can post so I am working on getting a different account for this blog.  I have SO many preschool and organizing things to post so hopefully this will be the week that I get my stuff together.  Blogging always gets put last on the list :(  Stay tuned....


Sara said...

I have created lesson plans for Marisa based on the information you have covered...great job! I can't wait until you get to post the rest of the stuff. Since I will be working this summer I am trying to work on getting all Marisa's preschool stuff ready before September which is when I plan to start a structered learning time. Hope you guys are doing well! :)

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